How to Clean Headstones

Subsidence and worn foundations may compromise the stability of your memorial in the ground, and local authorities may opt to lay them flat if deemed a safety concern. We provide a service to refix your memorial, establishing a new foundation and securely refixing both the base and stone.

Cleaning Headstones

If the headstone exhibits a small amount of surface dirt, it’s advisable to wash it down using water and a lint-free cloth. After washing, use a soft dry cloth to polish away any streaks left by the water.
Letters on the headstone should be gently cleaned with a soft cloth and clean water only. Hard-to-reach areas, such as around engraved details on the stone, can be cleaned using a cotton bud and clean water.

What not to use for Headstone Cleaning

Household cleaning products like bleach, or other substances such as vinegar, baby oil, or shaving foam, should never be employed for cleaning headstones. Some headstones, being soft and porous, absorb moisture, making them prone to staining when exposed to certain cleaning products that can soak up colour.
For cleaning, a very weak mixture of washing up liquid and water is acceptable, but anything stronger may leave a stain. When using soapy water, be sure to rinse thoroughly with clean water afterward and polish with a dry, soft cloth to avoid streaky marks.

Cleaning Granite Headstones

Most granites are hard stones, making them easy to maintain. Granite headstones, especially those with a polished finish, can be easily wiped clean with a damp, lint-free cloth. Always remember to rinse the stone off before cleaning to avoid scratching the memorial.

How to Clean Marble Headstones

To clean marble headstones effectively, utilize only water and a lint-free cloth. Marble, being a natural stone, is porous, with tiny holes or pores allowing the passage of air or moisture. Due to this porosity, marble headstones are more susceptible to staining than granite. It’s crucial to keep them free from dirt and potential stain-causing agents such as flower petals or rust from florist wire. We recommend cleaning marble headstones at least twice a year to maintain their optimal condition.
For professional cleaning of marble headstones, consider this every 5 to 6 years. If you wish to arrange this service, please do not hesitate to call us.

Preserving and Maintaining the Look of a Headstone

While we’ve discussed the best cleaning practices, other factors can contribute to staining. Swiftly remove organic materials like leaves, petals, flower pollen, and grass cuttings from the headstone, as their colour can be absorbed by the stone. Keep a vigilant eye on anything that may rust, such as containers and florist wire, as these items can also stain the headstone.

Headstones Requiring Minimal Cleaning and Maintenance

Polished granite headstones are the most straightforward to clean and maintain due to their shiny finish, making them easy to wipe down. While washing with a damp lint-free cloth is recommended, exercise caution around the lettering to prevent the potential removal of paint or gild.