Cleaning, repairs and lettering for headstones and memorials

Recognising your desire to maintain the condition of your loved one’s headstone or memorial, we offer services such as cleaning, repairs, and additional lettering to address the effects of weathering and ground movement over time.


Should you wish to commemorate another individual on an already existing headstone or memorial, we have the capability to add lettering to any stone. While locating the exact style of lettering may not always be feasible, we are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with the final appearance. Additionally, we offer services to re-paint or re-gild the original lettering to refresh its overall look simultaneously.

Cleaning and Repair

We can coordinate professional and meticulous cleaning services for your memorial, ensuring the highest standards of care. Additionally, should your memorial incur any damage in the future, we are also available to assist with necessary repairs.

Re Fitting

The stability of your memorial in the ground can be impacted by subsidence and worn foundations. In cases where local authorities deem them a safety risk to visitors, they might be laid flat. We offer a service to refix your memorial, providing a new foundation and securely refixing both the base and stone.

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