Owner/Stone Mason

Mike is a seasoned Monumental Mason, boasting nearly five decades of expertise in the field. His profound understanding of this esteemed craft is unparalleled, rendering him a pivotal figure within the industry. As one of the select few stone masons proficient in on-site hand carving, Mike’s mastery is renowned. Assuming ownership of Stockton Memorials in 1988, he further solidified his legacy by establishing Darlington Memorials. Continuously advancing his endeavors, Mike remains dedicated to fortifying his enduring legacy.

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Owner/Administration Clerk

Michelle is an esteemed proprietor of Stockton and Darlington Memorials, having embarked on her journey with the company alongside her husband Mike over 15 years ago. Possessing a wealth of expertise, she stands ready to address any inquiries you may have with diligence and proficiency. Michelle will collaborate closely with Lee to ensure that our valued customers experience utmost comfort and assurance in selecting their memorial.


Stone Mason

Alan stands as the most tenured member of Stockton and Darlington Memorials, second only to Mike. A distinguished figure in the industry, he holds the esteemed title of a time-served hand-carved monumental mason, boasting over five decades of unparalleled experience. Alan’s unwavering passion for his craft resonates in every meticulously crafted piece, each bearing the hallmark of perfection.


BRAMM Certified Fixer

Drawing from a rich heritage within the industry, Ryan possesses an extensive breadth of knowledge concerning memorials. Having been immersed in the trade from a young age, he has actively supported his father’s endeavors for more than 15 years. Additionally, Ryan holds full BRAMM qualification, ensuring his proficiency in the meticulous art of memorial fixing.



“Lee brings a wealth of management experience from owning his own business for several years. Joining our team, he is committed to ensuring smooth operations and enhancing efficiency in all aspects of our work.”


Trainee Stone Mason/Fixer

Dean, our latest addition to the team, brings a fervent enthusiasm for acquiring expertise in the intricacies of our trade. Under the guidance of industry leaders, he is committed to mastering every facet to ensure the creation of memorials upholding the highest standards. Concurrently, Dean is pursuing his BRAMM qualification, a testament to his dedication to ensuring the meticulous fixing of memorials to unparalleled standards of excellence.